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BOARDS or ADVISORS provide a company with external and independent assessments, insights, knowledge and strategic thinking concerning both its activities and the ecosystem within which the organization operates. Typically, ADVISORS are professionals with expertise in the specific area of the market the company occupies, or seeks to expand into, and are often called upon when the company needs additional and independent analysis of its activities and processes. These ADVISORY teams become particularly useful during acquisitions and management changes, or as a task force to be deployed in periods of growth, providing access to a wider framework and preventing group thinking.

All brand and RETAIL organizations are undergoing a deep process of transformation driven by the pace of change in the lives of individuals. Consumers expect brands and retailers to change accordingly, not only offering product innovation and more frequent merchandise and services upgrades, but also shorter delivery times, ever improved levels of customer service and a seamless shopping experience throughout the breadth of the OMNICHANNEL: from physical RETAIL stores, through wholesale distributors and e-commerce platforms, social media, and so on.

This evolution in the dynamics of the consumer/brand relationship requires operators and brands to think differently and to work transversally throughout the organization, abandoning the traditional ‘silo’ approach and becoming more adaptive and fluid. An organization’s capability for adaptation is dependent on how it is structured, how it works, and looks at its markets - as well as the time it takes to adapt and plan towards market changes.

Praxis consultants take on the role of business ADVISORS for brands and vertical companies; with a non-biased approach that is based on auditing and analysis processes, they provide knowledge to understand each aspect of the trade.

With its history of work across a wide RETAIL landscape, Praxis has developed a knowledge of the industry that helps clients, investors and buyers to understand the wider context and ground their investments. This knowledge also brings insight into the way it looks at a company, a START-UP or an organization, considering different business models and visions. Praxis' independent view of the market trends, the business and the client’s segment, encourage and support the exploration of new business ideas.

Praxis assists clients on ad hoc projects that examine brand organization, alignment and integration, engaging in the decision making process itself. In collaboration with a client’s executives Praxis reviews business performance, suggesting changes and improvements with the aim of developing additional governance frameworks that could enhance business results.

These services are offered either through regular consultancy or through Praxis participating as members of ADVISORY BOARDS internationally, and in particular in China and Japan.