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business management

is the discipline of running a company, through a set of activities. The process of management includes creating a vision and executing it by allocating resources, defining operational planning, designing talent teams and their organization, and introducing metrics for monitoring performance. Briefly, BUSINESS MANAGEMENT consists of co-creating, designing, directing and leading resources with the aim of accomplishing set goals and objectives, in an efficient and effective manner.

In a global scenario, the management of a company must use culturally competent ways of operating divisions, subsidiaries and working groups within geographically diversified environments. This allows organizations to appropriately operate, design and manage their integrated activities with an eye to both the local and international employees and customers.

Praxis offers diverse organizations BUSINESS MANAGEMENT consulting services that help them realize objectives and support the administration of day-to-day activities; it finds innovative ways to provide clients with advice, support and services that grow businesses and portfolios. RETAIL is a fast-moving global industry; a global mind set is a condition to understanding markets, devising innovations and creating the strategies and business models that could be integral to learnings made by the organization.

Understanding the changeability and the breadth of the landscape requires experienced partners with a proven record of industry service and the willingness to be open and foresee future changes. While working with the client teams, Praxis combines its experience in the global brand and RETAIL industry, and applies tested management systems that both enhance results generated by the existing structure and provide foundation for further growth.

Praxis engages with clients at various stages of their company’s life and development: from START-UP, to a more mature phase, during a reorganization or BUSINESS ALIGNMENT exercise. Working with the clients’ teams as closely as circumstances require, it contributes to the realization of the strategy and manages the business on behalf of, and with, the client.

Praxis pursues collaboration on progressive BUSINESS MANAGEMENT projects throughout a client’s international network, be it in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, Milan or London. The spirit is to go beyond being a simple service provider and serve each client as a partner, through PROJECT or INTERIM MANAGEMENT models.