lexicon. intopraxis.

refers to the process of using knowledge to practically ‘do’ and implementing a concept into practice through specific modus operandi. A brilliant strategy does not necessarily lead on to an effective EXECUTION. Both are at least equally important; in fact, EXECUTION could be seen as relatively more important given that it is the realization of a strategy. In the digital age EXECUTION has become one of the biggest challenges to organizations as they face both the evolution and integration of all channels, and the need to make the brand coherent throughout e-commerce, physical stores and other commercial initiatives within a global market.

The realization of a great idea requires both an appropriate EXECUTION and the ability to make it happen.

Praxis is a nimble practice that focuses on implementation and EXECUTION through the management of corporate and RETAIL processes, making sure strategies are translated and implemented at all levels of an organization so as to reflect and support the company’s visions and objectives. Praxis consultants provide hands-on support internationally to a wide range of clients, adopting a multidisciplinary, cross-functional approach with the aim of facilitating alignment among all parties involved in a project.

Explaining, training, testing solutions from within the client organization, and working side-by-side with the teams, through PROJECT or INTERIM MANAGEMENT models, Praxis supports vertical brands, boards or management teams in the evaluation and troubleshooting of companies’ activities with the aim of defining, understanding and focusing on the critical and important objectives to be achieved. Having understood and focused the work, it then engages the teams to leverage the time and resources available with the purpose of facilitating and supporting the creation of integrated structures that express the client vision in the market place.

Praxis supports customers in the practical integration of activities related to innovative spaces and services, acting not only as simply RETAIL consultants, but working on site as producers of the client’s ideas and partnering with the teams and operators who can best express the targeted results.

Knowing the value of doing, Praxis consultants adopt an executional mindset in their business approach, learning and adapting as the market and client requires and making sure all parties and stakeholders are engaged cross-project and cross-company, while protecting each part’s singular needs and message.

Praxis helps creative organizations find a common language that can be used day-to-day when managing new initiatives, bringing careful planning and forethought to support aspirational forms of collaboration. United in the development of a common space or product, these projects often form on the basis of a dialogue between different visions, merging particular and singular expertise along with craftsmanship. Such projects are forms of integrated commercial space, as well as OMNICHANNEL RETAIL.

On the ground, establishing the cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural collaborations that shape the project itself, Praxis consultants take care of the teams involved and works with them while keeping the channels of feedback with stakeholders and clients open. They ensure a multidirectional learning among all the parties involved, client, consultant, staff and other stakeholders, and a constructive approach to projects. Praxis is the daily partner on the project wherever it’s required internationally, be it London or Paris, Chongqing or Kyoto.