lexicon. intopraxis.

is a term indicating the collective network through which modern retail distribution happens. It differs from multichannel, which is often organized through separated and independent distribution channels, in the level of integration amongst the activities that are targeted at the customer.

The OMNICHANNEL business model is aimed to engage the individual consumer in an integrated communication that takes place in physical locations as well as digital ‘locations’, across e-commerce, social media and a range of mobile apps. It reflects a further intensification of the focus on the final customer, his/her needs and preferences.

In the OMNICHANNEL, all information about the customer, the activities he performs, as well as the services rendered to him, are unified at the back end and provide the base for analysis, the design of future customer offers and operation planning, they also create a communication reference for customer relationship management.

The ability to gather and analyze back end information creates an advantage to vertical brands, as they are able to reply to customers’ demand for personalized items, fast interactions and, ultimately, a seamless shopping experience across the company’s diverse channels.

Praxis understands the urgent need for operators to make the change towards a customer centric RETAIL, and the need firstly, to align all aspects of the brand vision and philosophy, and subsequently, the operational structures, in order to meet customers’ expectations.

Essentially, OMNICHANNEL focuses on the customer and how they evaluate the brand, in its various shapes and forms. Given the fact that one person is simultaneously witness to all a brand’s manifestations, be it physical or online activities, each area of the brand expression requires curating, editing and supporting in an integrated fashion.

On the physical side, the stores are required to always be more intriguing, offering meaningful experiences, counting on ever better trained staff, enhanced in their operations and offering upgraded value propositions. On the digital side, there’s a need to transition to a constantly more innovative, modern expression of communications, deliver a consistent brand image and seamlessly connect to the customer’s ‘physical ‘experiences. The ability of a company to integrate the two spaces into a coherent OMNICHANNEL, lies in the capacity of ALIGNING processes such as, client acquisition and retention management, MERCHANDISING MANAGEMENT, sales and customer services management, data management and so on.

Praxis consultants help vertical brands to organize their activities through integrated channels so as to benefit from synergies coming from all areas, while keeping an eye on the appropriate management and development of the brand equity and offering. They use BUSINESS DATA ANALYSIS, coupled with the experience in physical RETAIL management, and adopt a ‘listening’ approach to support the definition of a cohesive strategy that allows to better ‘deliver’ the brand to the client, enhance the EXECUTION of the vision through the channels and ease the management of processes.

Understanding and practicing operations daily, Praxis consultants interpret signs from the ground, as well as qualitative information and data, with the purpose of integrating them into a uniform and coherent EXECUTION. They work together with the client teams so to build and maintain a constant literacy and ALIGNMENT in the implementation of the customer experience.

The Praxis team work on clients’ OMNICHANNEL projects internationally, and particularly in Europe, China and Japan.