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business alignment

process is the sum of activities aiming to connect a company’s functions, divisions and resources, with its strategy and the business environment in which the company operates. It is a transversal verification effort that allows the creation of a coherent collaboration and the introduction of common language and measurable objectives directed to ensure consistency among different activities and people.

As a company grows, expands geographically and diversifies, the complexity of coordinating activities through departments, divisions and teams also increases. Occupied with their routine operational requirements, financial objectives, etc., companies face the risk of losing contact with their peripheries, employees and, ultimately, their customers.

Integrated and inclusive strategic BUSINESS ALIGNMENT processes provide additional and horizontal touch points that improve the organization’s ability to reach objectives and enhance its overall performance.

Praxis understands that strategic ALIGNMENT work extends to processes as well as geographies, and must engage the entire ‘community’, including the mother company, its functional divisions and its subsidiaries, resources, branches or partnering companies.

Sectors such as consumer goods, service and RETAIL are witness to a particularly fast pace of transformation; with vertical brands also facing the complexities of operating within a global environment. In this context, even the most detailed strategies rely on how they are translated, implemented, EXECUTED and, ultimately, how successful the business is at consistently maintaining ALIGNMENT.

BUSINESS ALIGNMENT should make sure that all aspects of work maintain relationships with the market and customers, the aim is to make sure the brand message and value are created, delivered, implemented and preserved as they were designed to.

Praxis spends time with clients to understand and interiorize the organization’s business vision; it works with client’s teams to identify the correct way to engage, drive and coordinate the activities of direct functions and specialized teams in transmitting and fulfilling the vision, in ways everybody can understand.

Praxis consultants facilitate knowledge transfer across different functional teams by defining an operational language that describes working processes and, therefore, by supporting the coordination of efforts aimed to fulfill quantifiable objectives, at corporate and RETAIL level, in a range of geographical locations. This process optimizes the potential for team members to participate and provide input, making efficient use of the contributions from people and processes, as well as reducing the risk of loss of focus or misallocation of teams and resources.

Praxis collaborates with multicultural teams in product creation, business, merchandising, operations, IT, RETAIL sales and customer service divisions to find ways to ensure the EXECUTION of the brand proposition in all areas of the organization and, therefore, in the interactions with the final customer.

Working directly with clients and their teams internationally, and particularly in Europe, China and Japan, Praxis supports and coaches individuals to develop strategic tools and metrics that help them monitor, support and enhance the result of a project, allowing a better understanding of the bigger picture and their role within the organization.