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merchandising management

is one of several important disciplines within physical as well as online RETAIL. It can be described as the organized and integrated management of activities that promote the sale of goods, articulated into different phases including: planning, pricing, buying, merchandise allocation and replenishment, and so on. As a simple definition, it’s the series of activities that allows RETAILERS and brands to deliver “the right merchandise or service at the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities, and at the right price" (American Marketing Association).

Today’s market is increasingly customer-centric and requires retailers to shift towards a MERCHANDISING MANAGEMENT style that takes into account micro-segments of customers and their particular lifestyle needs. Accordingly, as a company expands and develops into a global entity with multiple branches and sales channels, it needs to tap into extensive resources, tools and methodologies that enable it to understand markets, and correspondingly adapt the design and EXECUTION of its MERCHANDISING MANAGEMENT.

Praxis works closely with client teams to either plan from zero or reorganize the MERCHANDISING MANAGEMENT structure of their vertical brand, so as to achieve agility within the organization and become able to respond to the customer and market requirements, in a timely manner. Closely studying the clients’ existing systems and practices, Praxis consultants troubleshoot existing merchandising performance, suggesting changes and implementing solutions. They make recommendations that aim to define merchandising strategies and processes, based on the client’s vision, offering greater efficiency and consistency.

With a practical, nimble approach to business data as well as qualitative analysis, Praxis helps to increase the efficacy of the client’s business venture. For example, it looks into how a different method of planning merchandising coding or a replenishment management technique can grow the capability for performance by individual teams and outlets.

Praxis develops merchandising solutions that are aligned with and integrated into the other corporate functions. These solutions are developed on the basis of intelligence about how sales teams operate, counterbalancing the team’s feedback and needs with customer profile, requirements and history. Supporting all management practices, and in particular those concerning product and MERCHANDISIG MANAGEMENT, with transparent and efficient communication across different departments, subsidiaries and franchises, Praxis helps the clients to reduce the risks of delays in the management of the merchandise process.

Praxis consults on all aspects of product and MERCHANDISING MANAGEMENT throughout a client’s geographic network in international cities: Shenzhen, Jakarta, Beijing, Tokyo, Milan or London.