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project management

describes the process of initiating, planning, executing, controlling and finalizing the output of a team, or group of teams, with the aim of successfully meeting specific project objectives using a predefined working criteria. Accordingly, a project is characterized by having a precise deliverable, be it the making of a product, the delivery of a service or the realization of a particular business objective; it consists of a fixed set of activities carried out in a fixed time, within specific conditions, based on a fixed budget. PROJECT MANAGERS fulfil their responsibility for the overall quality of the results by helping the company define effective project objectives, a feasible timetable and appropriate working standards.

Often an extraordinary activity, a project is normally carried out parallel to the company employees performing their routine tasks; it normally requires the application of precise skills and a management approach that differ from those available within the company.

Praxis puts #INTOPRAXIS innovative RETAIL and brand projects.

PRAXIS is a nimble consulting practice focused on the implementation and EXECUTION of strategies, at corporate and subsidiary level, on behalf of fashion and lifestyle companies, hospitality groups, museums and cultural organizations, as well as real estate developers. Adopting a multidisciplinary, cross-functional approach to PROJECT MANAGEMENT, Praxis aims to facilitate alignment among all parties involved in a project.

Praxis provides PROJECT MANAGEMENT support internationally, and in particular in Hong Kong, China and Japan, helping clients translate their vision and ideas into projects within multicultural environments and create a scenario where teams can work in a functionally integrated fashion, with transparent communication.

Spending time with clients in order to understand and interiorize their business vision, Praxis works with them and their teams to identify the correct way to engage, drive and integrate the work of direct functions and specialized teams in order to fulfill the project goal. Praxis partners with its clients’ functions, developing strategic alliances with individuals, groups and organizations so as to enhance the results of the project.

Embedded and close to the client’s teams in several locations, Praxis consultants are able to understand the project in detail and create the tightknit working relations that facilitate the gathering of information from all contributing parties, and allow the implementation to form a basis for long term results.