lexicon. intopraxis.

is the stage in which the idea of a company transitions from concept to its EXECUTION through: financing, organizational structure planning and implementation, allocation of resources, and finally, initiating its normal operations. Currently, the term START-UP is mostly associated with the launch of companies that aim for fast growth and therefore need to offer products or services to a large audience and scale rapidly. Very often these are digital technology companies.

In all industries the START-UP period is an important and delicate moment in the company’s history, as it takes strategically fundamental decisions that affect the future viability of its operations. At this significant phase the company must constantly inspect and adapt, remaining flexible in its approach and making use of ongoing market verification.

Working with clients to EXECUTE a big idea, Praxis consulting supports vertical brands during their START-UP in the definition of a clear strategy and in the design of the desired structure, as well as in the implementation of operational plans that create a robust base for the future of the brand. Praxis facilitates the operations’ START-UP in collaboration with the client’s teams; coaching, supporting and supervising them regarding the BUSINESS MANAGEMENT of the new brand.

Praxis works side-by-side with brands on team design, search partner selection, talent scouting and screening. It supports the design of a team structure that fits the client’s corporate culture and manages the process of identifying motivated talent who can contribute to the company’s growth and success.

In the launch of a new vertical brand, Praxis works with the client teams through the complete tactical process management cycle. Beginning with the review of corporate level strategy and concept; then helping to frame clientele sales & analysis and requirements; defining vertical brand, RETAIL concepts & identity; and finally, adjusting and translating the original concepts into process design that enhance and support future implementation.

Praxis helps clients with the entire MERCHANDISING MANAGEMENT process: co-defining merchandising concepts and planning, supporting the design of inventory architecture & coding defining OTB & pricing, elaborating the busing & sourcing processes, defining vendors’ agreements, etc. The goals of this work are to ensure product management activities are aligned with the product concept as defined in the initial idea and guarantee easy inventory analysis, visibility and efficiency throughout the OMNICHANNEL structure.

Acting as INTERIM or PROJECT MANAGEMENT, at corporate or RETAIL level, with a specific market segment, or a multi-market functional segment, Praxis consultants support vertical brand START-UPS at their international locations, be it in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong or Shenzhen, Milan or London.